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Infrared Sauna for a more Improved Health

Infrared Sauna – The Truths About Far Infrared Saunas

Health and wellness has been one of the top priorities of many people nowadays. A lot of you have been very interested on finding new ways to keep the body fit and in shape. From diets and exercises to less conventional means like cosmetic surgery, people are sure to try them. And now, another way is fast gaining popularity, the infrared sauna.
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Below is some essential information about an infrared sauna

An infrared sauna is an enclosed room kept at high temperatures. It is characterized by its use of infrared heaters that give off infrared heat which is then absorbed by the body. The temperature in a room ranges typically between 60 degrees Celsius up to 100 degrees Celsius and the heat may either be dry or moist. This high temperature is then absorbed by the skin as it relaxes the body and relieve it of stress.
Infrared saunas may use different materials in order to give off heat. Resources like charcoal and active carbon can be used in order to disperse the heat all through out the tiny room.
Back in the old days, saunas were just pits that were dug on the ground and were mainly used as an alternate shelter during the cold season by the Finnish. These tiny pits contain an area where stones are heated. The stones are then tossed in some water in order to give off steam so that it will release the heat and increase the warmth in the pit. The temperature would be so high that people take off their clothes in order to absorb the warmth of the steam.
Through the years, the sauna was developed further and people in Finland started to use metal stoves equipped with chimneys as the main source of heat. Since then, saunas became a popular venue for people to relax and rejuvenate.
Infrared saunas vs. Conventional Saunas
Today, conventional steam saunas have adapted the same technology that was used years ago. It warms the air in a room where people gather and unwind. But recently, a new form was introduced; the infrared sauna. Unlike the conventional types which only warms the air, infrared saunas emit heat that is directly absorbed by the body. It makes a person sweat faster which means that it cleanses the skin more.
In an infrared sauna review, it was said that the infrared sauna is also more energy efficient. It can operate on a much lower heat than conventional saunas. Plus, without the heavy heat and moisture that is present in the air, people who will be using the sauna will not experience any heaviness in breathing. It does not make the eyes water and dry out the nasal passage. There are also no hot surfaces that may burn the skin.
So how does an infrared sauna work? Its simple. The heaters convert the infrared light in to heat. The heat then warms up the nearby object like the bather for instance. And then, you as the bather absorbs all the heat from the heater.
You will notice that the temperature in the room does not increase despite the heat that produced by the infrared heater. This is because all the heat goes through your skin instead of being dispersed in the air. But do not worry because infrared heat is not dangerous for the skin. This technology is known as far infrared, and subsequently a sauna built using this technogy is known as a far infrared sauna or a FIR sauna.
This type of heater is much more convenient as it only takes about a couple of minutes to produce heat not unlike the conventional saunas where it usually takes about 20 minutes to an hour. And because the temperature in the room does not rise, people with respiratory problems and often experience congestion can easily enjoy far infrared saunas. In other words, these saunas will render more benefits compared to conventional steam saunas but you shall never have to bear the high heat of steam in an infrared setting in order to reap the benefits.
Installation of the infrared sauna can be very easy. It does not use steam so it does not need any chimney or furnace where the heat can escape. It does not also need water in order to produce steam so the installation of a water line and a drainage system is no longer necessary. All you need is an electric circuit where you can plug the infrared heaters and you can easily enjoy using it.
Though the sauna unit may cost a bit higher than the conventional saunas but one will realize that the amount is reasonable. Upon installation, you will see that you are actually saving more as you no longer need to spend on installation and maintenance.
Health benefits
There are many noted benefits of using infrared sauna. The first of which is that it provides a soothing relief for arthritis and rheumatism. Because the heat penetrates the body, it reaches to problem areas such as joint. The warmth then reduces the pain and stiffness on these areas, making the joints have more mobility.
The infrared heat also causes the pores on the skin to open up. The skin then produces sweat which is necessary in order to clean up any clogged pores. This is creates a rejuvenating effect on the skin leaving it looking younger, firmer, and more radiant.
It is also believed to cure common respiratory conditions like the common colds. The heat can help clear up the nasal passage in order to improve the air flow and remove congestion while breathing.
Infrared sauna is also beneficial in improving the circulatory system too. It can help lower the blood pressure and makes the production of plasma and red blood cells better. This, in turn, results to a strengthened immune system and an increase in the body’s endurance. It also promotes a more healthy heart.
Of course, infrared saunas are best known for its ability to relive the body from stress. It restores the strength of the body and at the same time promotes a more healthy appetite.
heat correlation chart Infrared Sauna   The Truths About Far Infrared Saunas

Looking for your own infrared sauna? Avoid overpaying and get the state-of-the-art with security measures inbuilt

Because of its many health benefits, many companies that focuses on health and wellness are now including the best infrared sauna in their long line of services.
There are a number of companies selling infrared saunas today. How do you identify the best among them?
  • Your safety: Better safe than sorry. Go for infrared saunas certified by authorities in terms of safety. Infrared saunas are electrical devices and hence it is critically important to go with high-quality certificates of safety. For an infrared sauna, ETL is the best certificate.
  • State-of-the-art technology: It is highly recommended that you go for state-of-the-art technology for your sauna. One of the best things that you could possibly get is a Carbon Wave 360 based infrared sauna. This makes your sauna not only more luxurious compared to other saunas not using this technology but the running cost also comes down significantly because of the energy efficiency. Hence getting an infrared sauna with Carbon Wave 360 will make a significant different to your home sauna experience.
  • Avoidance of cheap circumventions: There are a number of cheap circumventions in the market that exploit the ignorance of the general people on infrared saunas. They use inferior technology that do not last long, creates a far less comfortable experience and yet they sell because the common people see them priced cheaper. The most popular form of such circumvention is a ceramic infrared sauna. It is much cheaper than what I recommend – carbon based infrared sauna. I recommend you to avoid ceramic saunas like plague. They do not distribute the hear evenly and what your skin ends up getting zebra-like burn in the long term. Gosh – forget being burnt in an infrared sauna. Go for a carbon-based one.
As you clearly see, buying a far infrared sauna / infrared saunas has its subtle intricacies. I strongly suggest you to avoid going to any random seller – your dream may go up in smoke and in fact you may end up in all sorts of potential troubles with a sauna of inferior quality. Once more, avoid that like plague. Here’s a video helping you look at some of the models of high quality Carbon 360 far infrared saunas that I like and recommend.
I have reviewed a number of infrared sauna companies personally. Among the ones that I have reviewed, the company that does the best in all these respect is this one (click here for company name and model details) – they also have a toll free call in number: 1-800-264-8129
The owner of this company and his family has been in the infrared sauna business since the time that infrared became the state of the art. They also manufacture their own saunas rather than dealing with saunas made by others. Their saunas are ETL ceritified and they use Carbon Wave 360 technology. They have lifetime warranties and fantastic services. And interestingly, if you have some questions on infrared saunas then they are usually very cooperative and happy to help out simply with your questions.